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2018 Annual Meeting
will be held Saturday July 7 at
  9 a.m. at the community beach.
Bring a chair!
Rain location will be at Fisher's garage

Contact Leigh Fisher at with any proposed agenda items.

Proxy forms can be downloaded below.

2018 Proxy Vote

Minutes from the 2017 Annual meeting can also be found on the Big Sandy website.

Meeting Agenda for July 7, 2018


Adaptive Event
Saturday, August 11, 2018

Event Information

Event Q&A

Event voting Results


2018 Dues

Reminder to all Big Sandy Members that the 2018 dues is $300.00 and is due on January 1st, 2018

I have not printed out invoices this year to save on postage and paper ,so the only communication will be through emails until all has paid, but if you still would like a paper copy of this invoice 

I will be more than happy to get you one. So let me know and I will send one out.

I want to thank the members who already have paid.

Thank You,

Debbie Villanucci

Road Update for Spring 2015

We are having a gradual thaw so far in Bridgton, but the road crew advises that the frost is not yet fully out of the ground on Big Sandy Road (there are still snowbanks bordering the road). It looks like we will not have to close the gate / secure the road this year, but if you are traveling to your Bridgton home this month, please take it slow on the road and be mindful of soft spots.

Thanks, and we'll see you at Big Sandy soon!


Just a short note to provide an update on the beach and the work discussed at this year's annual meeting. 1) We did receive the permit from the State of Maine to make improvements to 100' of Big Sandy Beach to protect it from erosion. We then pursued a quote for the work from a qualified contractor. The cost of the work ($3500) can be absorbed comfortably within this year's budget and will be contracted for in the near future. The beach will be temporarily unavailable during the improvements which consist of recovering sand which previously shifted into the lake, locking in the far end of the beach with rip rap, and installing a set of stone steps which will become the primary footpath onto the beach.

2) Also on the subject of beach protection, a reminder to all that boat launching and recovery from the community beach is strictly prohibited. This was recommended by the LEA and voted on at last year's annual meeting to slow or halt erosion of the beach.

3) Lastly, I hope everybody has had a chance to walk the beach recently and see the difference that one season can make with regard to erosion. The beach grass planted by the Villanucci's (thanks Debbie and Al!) has taken hold and has encouraged other vegetation to grow in around it. That, coupled with the reduced foot traffic while the grass was growing in, should give us all confidence that a little effort and TLC from this generation can ensure that the beach we all love will be a source of enjoyment for future generations.

Thanks, and feel free to send any questions or concerns with the above to me, or any member of the board. We are excited to be taking positive steps which will ensure that the beach remains healthy today, and for many years to come.

Chris Fisher
(207) 607-9200

2018 Association Dues are $300
Due January 2018.

July 2012 Update

At the request of the Board of Directors please find attached various documents regarding the governance of the Big Sandy Association that may be of interest: 

August 2010 Update

Dear Association Members:


On July 31, 2010, the Board of Directors and Officers met to address a number of issues facing Big Sandy Association.  The Board of Directors discussed their concerns regarding recent road damage caused by vehicles entering and leaving Big Sandy, which appears to be an ongoing problem.  The Board wishes to remind members that road costs are one of the Association’s biggest expenses, as reflected in last year’s special road assessment.  In order to avoid having to increase annual dues further or impose another special assessment, the Board asks Association members to be conscious of the damage that speeding and reckless driving cause.   It also asks Association members to post the list of common courtesies, and to advise renters and guests of the rules of the road.  Please remember that the speed limit for Big Sandy Road is 15 m.p.h. 


The Board also took up the issue of increasing the Association’s contribution to annual snowplowing costs.  There was an emerging consensus at the Annual Association Meeting that this issue should be left up to the Board to decide.  In light of the discussion at the Annual Meeting, the increased costs of snowplowing, and other concerns taken into account by the Board, it was decided that henceforth the Association will contribute 25% to the annual cost of snowplowing.  It was noted that when the Board originally decided to contribute $600 to snowplowing expenses, it was at a time when annual costs were $2,400/year.  $600 was thus 25% of the overall cost of snowplowing.  In light of increased snowplowing costs, which are now approximately $3025/year, it was agreed that a readjustment of the Association’s contribution based on increased costs was appropriate.  It was thus decided unanimously by the Board of Directors that henceforth the Association will contribute 25% to snowplowing costs, with the remaining 75% to be paid by the Association members who use their property during the winter.  A copy of the updated snowplowing policy can be found under "Meetings" on this website. 


Please note that the Big Sandy website has been updated to include the minutes from the 2010 Annual Meeting, the updated 2010 membership list, the updated snow plowing policy, and contact information for the Board of Directors and Officers.  




Lauren Gilbert, Esq.


Big Sandy Association  


Big Sandy Member List

Central Maine Power -      800-696-1000

Fairpoint Communications  -
Telephone                                     866-984-2001    

Time Warner                 207-253-2222

Eric Miller
Winter road usage

Al Vilanucci         
Dock                                207-647-2385

Mike Ward
Snow Plowing

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